Here are some great apps for customizing OS X

Architect Beta

An application for designing OS X leopard themes.
A separate app called “Facade” will install the themes,
however it is not released yet.

Butler 1.4.6
A very useful donation-ware app for OS X.
for instance, it allows you to place apps in the menu bar.

Candybar 3.1.2
Probably the best, and the most-used icon-management app for OS X.
You can use a free trial, and then it costs 30$

Hud Tunes
A nice HUD-mod for itunes. Actually a separate app, it
emulates itunes with a minimalist display.

A great tool for exporting Rsrc image files from Icns files.
Use Icon Composer, from the OS X dev applications to create Icns files out of PNGs.

The IR_Black Terminal Theme
An awesome terminal modification created by Todd Werth from Infinite Red

iStat Menus
The most comprehensive system-monitoring app for Leopard.
Thanks to the awesome folks at iSlayer.

Leopard Transparent Dock
A transparent-dock modification. Nicely done by

Silk 2.1.4
As far as i know, the only app for substituting the system-font in 10.5.6
It costs 10$.

via Unsanity

Simbl 0.8.2
“Smart InputManager Bundle Loader” allows you to build hacks for
Cocoa applications. You’ll need this for a few different hacks. Notably, the IR_Black terminal mod.

Terminal Colours
Terminal theme & mod that allows you to color-code your ASCII code.

More coming soon.

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