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New MBP running Snow Leopard Server

So I never really dove into the newest OS X Snow Leopard until recently. I had my older Macbook Pro so dialed with OS X Server 10.5.4, I never cared to lose all my modifications. So recently I bought a used MBP with slightly better specs than my old one. With that, I installed Snow Leopard Server 10.6.5

The new digs

So I’ve already began modifying the GUI a bit, But the OS X GUI theming community has not yet PWNED the GUI to the extent that they had with Leopard. Overall, the UI is already a bit more aesthetically pleasing stock than it’s predecessor. This is all probably 2-year old to anyone active in the Mac Theming community, But l like I said, I sat this one out. And I intend to use this blog as an archive of this type of info regardless of the fact that I don’t really have traffic here. So meh.

And one more thing, I’ll be continuing researching new developments with theming SL until OS X “Lion” comes out. For anyone reading who is interested in modifying the Mac user interface, Proceed to MacThemes

Cheers !