So much to catch up on !!

Greetings. sigh. So it’s obvious i hardly have the time i want to keep this page updated.
I promise to try more. I spend more time dealing with problems i cause through fiddling with my computers, so that leaves little time for writing about them.

Anyway, so Snow Leopard is out now, and everyone is constantly talking about it. Nothing major happened yet as far as the themer community goes. I expect when 10.6.1 comes out, most of the theme haX0rs will have ironed out a lot of kinks with themeing Snow Leopard. Then I’ll do a post on specific techniques to theme SL.

thanks to Toutheme of the Macthemes community. There is already
a theme available to mod Snow Leopard.

I havent got a copy yet, mostly because i use OS X Server, and and i dont see purchasing an upgrade for quite some time. But I beta-tested a random build of SL a while back to see how 3rd-party apps and typical themeing methods would work, and it was glitchy as all hell. But that’s to be expected, and to be honest, I still noticed some cool perks of SL. Very low CPU usage throughout a myriad of tasks. snappier opening and closing of apps and files, etc. No doubt it will be an efficient upgrade.

Here’s some tidbits that have been surfacing so far:

As far as UI-hacking:

    – There has been an update to Candybar that should make it work with SL.
    – Keeping CoreUI enabled in SL will insure better system performance.
    – Preview ( the native OS X image-viewing app) can now save files to ICNS format.

As far as general News:

    – Apple has a list of incompatible apps Here
    – Snowleopard has an invisible process that scans for malware. Crunchgear states that it isnt that thorough, but meh. At least it may help macs stay out of botnets.
    – Apparently, SL does NOT have full support for Sun’s ZFS filesystem.
    ”Sun’s licensing demands killed the deal”
    this sucks. i was looking forward to this filesystem as an option.

I will keep this list updated as i see new info arise.

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